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Success Begins with Sight

More and more American kids are developing myopia — but we’re here to help.

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a common condition that makes distant objects appear out-of-focus while everything up-close stays clear. It typically develops during childhood, and can increase the risk of other eye concerns later in life

If you want to help protect your kid’s vision, we can use myopia control techniques to slow its progression. During an eye exam, we can help you decide the best type of myopia control for your child and their needs.

The earlier we begin controlling myopia, the more effective it can be. Get started today and book an appointment with us!

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Why Myopia Control Matters

Having proper eyesight is crucial for learning. Imagine kids struggling to see the board or trying to read and write through squinted eyes—not much fun, right? But there's more to it.

When children can't see well, they might be slow to develop social behaviors or get misdiagnosed with behavioral problems. Even their language and speech development can be impacted by myopia.

Severe myopia can also increase the risk of serious eye problems, so taking care of kids' eyesight is vital for their well-being in the long run.

With early identification and proper care, we can control the condition and preserve your child’s vision.

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Causes of Myopia

While the exact cause of myopia is unclear, it can be hereditary or related to spending too much time indoors focused on near work or screens. But here's the good news: studies show that spending time outdoors could help slow its progression in kids.

Book an appointment for your child today and learn more about our myopia control options.

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